Hit the Snow

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Skiing at Whistler

Winter is a time where many people shy away from outdoor exercise because they are afraid of the snow and cold. This can be why you end up putting on some winter weight. Some people also start to get the winter blues due to inadequate sun and fresh air. Get outside, get active, and enjoy the winter wonderland while it lasts! Here are some fun ideas of things you can do to keep active in the winter:


Keep up with your running, even in the winter! When it's icy and snowy, make sure you take shorter strides for better control and balance, and take corners slow. To avoid the burn of the harsh cold in your lungs, make sure that you keep running as the weather is gradually getting colder so that your body can slowly adapt and prepare.


Bundle up, and go for a nice walk for some fresh air and de-stressing! It can be the perk you need to get through a blah day and give you that little boost! Trails are beautiful in the winter with the snow glistening on the trees!

Skiing / Snowboarding

You know when someone is a skier or snowboarder when they actually get excited about snow! These sports are not only a great leg and core workout, but also a great way to spend time with friends and family! It's never too late to learn how, and for people who are pros, there are always new challenges waiting in these sports!


Frozen ponds, backyard rinks, or city-built pads; find one, and lace up! Play some hockey, or just go for a skate!

Tobogganing / Tubing

Find a hill, and go for it! Walking up each time is the workout!

Build a Snowman

You are never too old to build a snowman…it's a winter classic!